Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27/2013 The 80 Choo! Choo! Almost Here! pf

The thought of comparing myself to fine wine will not work.  Who would ever have
a bottle of eighty year old wine un-opened?  I feel very much opened!  As far as
feeling old.  I do feel old when I tell someone I will soon be eighty.  There is
no doubt about it! Eighty is old.  It is almost one hundred years old!  Who in
the world could ever make that?  The statics are if major illnesses have not hit
before you are eighty, it is possible you could have quality of life.  Good
health maintenance throughout your life does have rewards for us.  Even if you
get hit with with  major illness, your stamina and energy will kick in for you.  All
those apples you ate will help!

Eighty coming up and recuperation from breast mastectomy is challenging.  Being a
vegan for years  that turned into a McMoo burger and back to a vegan.  I was
pleased I could keep something down.  With a recovering  Cancer patient, me ! 
My food likes can Change from day to day.  Just the other day, I craved fruit. 
Off I went and got cherries, blue berries, mango's and red seedless grapes.  What
a party I have had.  My belly talks to me quickly if I eat something I think I
really want, only to learn here comes a burning in the esophagus that stops me .

The above was written awhile back!  My writing is just like the refrigerator!  Ah! Ha!
There is all is in back of that large box of cereal someone stuck here!
My eating is quite normal as no meat..but I have had a love affair with poached eggs.
We got this two cup looking cooker at Walmart for two bucks!  You put an egg in each
compartment with one teaspoon of water over each egg. Pop it in the microwave for 60
seconds.  Perfection!    OH! OH!, if they come out hard...your microwave is telling you
to try 30 seconds, then stop open the microwave door and put in for another 30 seconds.
It is a high tech thing. Hugs, phyllis  05/06/1933


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  1. Aunt Phyllis,

    Good to hear from you Phyllis. I check you blog now and then. I do understand not writing every day.
    Happy Birthday. We expect to be down Florida way, but probably the summer of 2014.